How a Script Consultant Could Help Sell Your Screenplay

Finding a good online script consultant can be harder than you think. As a beginner screenwriter you probably have very little experience in the proofreading process, this is an art on its own. A good script consultant will give a report detailing the format, story, structure, characterisation and marketability of your screenplay.

Script Format

Whatever script doctor you get make sure they always check every aspect of the format. No matter how experienced you are sometimes there will be things that you miss out by mistake.

Main Story And Sub Plots

A script consultant should always give you their opinion on the quality of the story and sub plots. They should tell you if it kept them engaged for the duration of reading and give you advice on improving.

Dramatic Structure

Some screenwriters always make sure that thy fit into the “three act” category. Others will do whatever they choose and expect it to fall into place anyway. Make sure the script doctor checks over the structure aspects of your screenplay.

Characterisation Feedback

One of the main problems screenwriters face is creating engaging characters. A detailed report of characterisation should always be provided by a script doctor.

Marketability Factor

Very often a script doctor will have worked for a production company or the writers room. Make sure that they will be able to give you advice on how to market your script and who to send it too first.

Selling your script comes next. If all of these factors have been met, you have gotten your feedback and made the necessary changes then you should ask the script consultant for advice on selling. They should then be able to point you to the right agents and production companies. Online screenwriting courses are another good place to market yourself, you can meet all sorts of people on forums provided with courses, it’s the perfect networking environment.