Consultancy Jobs – Not a Job For Everyone

It has been a tough time for the economy over the last year and half. A lot of people have been forced into redundancy with little option to get another position. People have been turning to consultancy agencies with the hope that they can find a new position to fund their expensive lifestyles.

Surprisingly one area that most people don’t think about moving into is consultancy jobs. But strangely this is one of the few areas that have been recruiting constantly throughout the latest recession. Maybe part of the reason behind the abundance of consultancy jobs is down to the high stress levels associated with the position.

People often assume wrongly that it is an easy position to fill as it appears to merely be a case of collecting peoples CV’s and matching them up with the correct job. However, it is a lot more complicated than that. For a start anyone who wants to obtain one of these consultancy jobs needs to be a good judge of character. If you start sending people for job interviews who seem unreliable, untrained or inadequate then the chances are that companies will probably stop using you for their hiring of employers.

Another aspect of working in one of these consultancy jobs is that you will be required to be the mediator. Almost like an estate agent you will be the go between as you attempt to sell the job to the employee and the employee to the employer. You also have to be good at delivering news to people in a variety of situations, for instance when an employee that had agreed to join a company pulls out at the last minute because they had a better offer from a different firm.

People sometimes look in from the outside at positions like this and assume that it is easier than it is. However, you have to consider if it was so easy, why is there such a high turnover of staff within the industry?

If you do fancy consultancy jobs as a career path, then there are some things that you should consider, although it is good to have exemplary writing and reading skills, it would be more beneficial to be a born communicator. If you have the gift of the gab then you are more likely to be successful in this role, what you have to remember is that you are in effect a sales person, but instead of product you are selling people and dreams.