A Marketing Consultant’s Tips – 5 Suggested Don’ts For Your Online Marketing Strategy

You’ll find an endless list of do’s from marketing consultants who offer advice on how to market to customers online but here are some don’ts that you should consider paying attention to.

Don’t Spam

Some people who advertise online think that it’s a “no holds barred” type of scenario. Some get people’s attention by any means necessary, such as: e-mail spam, domain squatting, and misleading advertisements. These methods won’t help you. Not only will misleading people get you penalised by search engines who will quickly uncover spammers or “black hat” marketing techniques, but they will turn people off once they get to your site so any traffic you do get will be pretty much useless.

Don’t Ignore Your Competition

Some businesses pay so much attention to their own marketing efforts that they forget competitive analysis. Not only will competitive analysis help you figure out what your competition is doing but it can help you figure out how to do it better. By analysing what they do, you can go one better. The internet makes it easier than ever to get a leg up on your competition and many smaller businesses don’t take the time to analyse their competition. Skilled marketing consultants can help you find tools to do this easily and with integrity.

Don’t Overdo the Advertising

Some who place adverts online think that they need to blast the web surfer with flashing lights and confetti to get them to click on something. This can be off-putting for some — especially seasoned web surfers. Incessant pop-up windows and annoying adverts that cover text that people are trying to read don’t work. The vast majority of today’s web surfers are fairly savvy and so you will need to be more subtle with your advertising. Find out about your target demographic and do what works. A marketing expert can help you with this.

Don’t Forget Social Media

A lot of businesses that are trying to use the internet to their advantage either go about social media the wrong way or ignore it completely. There are a lot of free tools that can help you maximise your potential for getting talked about in social circles and paid attention to. By being noticed by target customers you can increase your brand awareness and get sales as a direct result. Learning how to unleash the potential of Web 2.0 has increased the success of many online and offline businesses.

You Don’t Have to do it Alone

The web is big. It extends as far as the eye can see. There is huge potential for business growth but as you begin to navigate it with marketing in mind, it’s smart to get help. There are marketing consultants that will help you find an approach that works best for you and for your customers through proven and tailored solution offerings. Getting help can provide a great return on investment for your advertising budget and the time you spend working to increase your online presence.