A Marketing Consultant’s Tips – 5 Suggested Don’ts For Your Online Marketing Strategy

You’ll find an endless list of do’s from marketing consultants who offer advice on how to market to customers online but here are some don’ts that you should consider paying attention to. Don’t Spam Some people who advertise online think that it’s a “no holds barred” type of scenario. Some get people’s attention by any [...]

Marketing Consultant Tips – Use Email Marketing to Your Advantage

One of the things a specialised online marketing consultant hired to help companies maximise their ability to sell to their website’s visitors will suggest is a targeted and focused multi-level email marketing campaign. There are right ways and wrong ways to do email marketing. The right way can enhance your sales figures and strengthen your [...]

How a Script Consultant Could Help Sell Your Screenplay

Finding a good online script consultant can be harder than you think. As a beginner screenwriter you probably have very little experience in the proofreading process, this is an art on its own. A good script consultant will give a report detailing the format, story, structure, characterisation and marketability of your screenplay. Script Format Whatever [...]

Consultancy Jobs – Not a Job For Everyone

It has been a tough time for the economy over the last year and half. A lot of people have been forced into redundancy with little option to get another position. People have been turning to consultancy agencies with the hope that they can find a new position to fund their expensive lifestyles. Surprisingly one [...]

Independent Computer Consultant – How to Sell Clients on Managed Services

To be a successful Independent Computer Consultant in today’s economy, you need to be giving your small business clients more of what they want, which is: – Greater reliability from their systems – Higher productivity – Faster response when they have a problem – Minimal unexpected downtime – Predictable and affordable support costs If you’re [...]